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Rolling Rewards

I bet you think this post means, “So, she finally rolled her sea kayak!”
Nope. I’m still rolling challenged.

It just means I’m finally starting to recognize “trying to learn how to roll” as a reward rather than an intense feeling of dread, dry mouth, and nausea.

Now, even after a practice session in which I don’t roll, I’m still smiling and very comfortable with whatever audiences I’ve gathered along the way. No matter how much I’ve messed up, I’ve managed to gain something each time. (Even if I’m the only one who thinks so!) One day I’ll post a video or two. Good, bad, or ugly.

In the past onlookers have asked me, “So, how is it trying to learn how to roll?” Me, “It really sucks!” And I forgot to add, “peeling yourself out of wet neo afterwards in a dark smelly outhouse after the sun has set and you can’t find your undergarments while others are waiting in line to use the facility isn’t so much fun either! And it really messes up your hair!” They thought it was funny, and so did I.

I hav…

Greenland Paddle Makers

People with GPs seem to like to make them. Greenland paddlers are special and fun to paddle with. I admire them. Let someone try yours.
Here are some good resources handed on to me and now on to you.

Making a West Greenland Paddle, by Chuck Holst

Cape Falcon Kayak, Oregon, Greenland Paddles

The Weathered Paddle, Baltimore, Maryland, U.S.A.

Adanac Paddles, Dover, Ontario, Canada, all about GPs and a paddle maker.

Buy the wood in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada at: KJP Select Hardwoods

Check out Gnarlydog's posts, images, and videos on different types of GPs and Aleut paddles, technique and how they perform in surf.

Visit for a great explanation of the canted stroke, and much more.

See my more recent post, Let's talk yoga, a Greenland paddle, and healing a wrecked shoulder

Looking for Greenland Paddling and Rolling Clinics?

June 25, 2011, Greenland Paddling and Greenland Rolling Clinics, Back by popular demand at 1000 Islands Kayaking Company, Gananoque, Ontario, Canada