Thursday, June 2, 2011

Paddle to Yoga with the Maelstrom Vital 166! This is one mission I love!

Need I say more? Strap a yoga mat to your fab sea kayak. Find a spot. Strike a pose.

Notice the bright green yoga mat under the bungee on the back deck of my Maelstrom Vital 166?

That's not a bed roll but maybe it could function as one under a sleeping bag. It doesn't get any better than this!

I'm out shopping for Paddle to Yoga spots in the 1000 Islands region on the St. Lawrence River off the quaint little town of Gananoque in the province of Ontario in Canada.

I'll never tire of it . . . shopping for great places to get out of the yoga studio and do some yoga outdoors once in a while.

Don't get me wrong. I love my yoga studios and teachers! I just can't wait to Paddle to Yoga with them.

You really don't even need a mat to Paddle to Yoga. Just yourself and a boat!

It really rocks. I love it and I'm going to keep doin' it! . . . Paddling to spots to do yoga.
Where have you paddled to yoga?

Where would you like to go?
Happy paddling to yoga!
The BaffinPaddler
Paddle to Yoga

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

People who make your day . . . in a good way . . . and the Greenland paddle connection!

Ever have someone really make your day with something so simple? Like one little innocent comment that really makes you laugh and think?  I just did. It made me wonder why we work so hard to have fun sometimes.

I was out tooling around some water with my "skinny stick" (Greenland paddle) in a sweet sleek sea kayak when a guy in a parked houseboat sipping a beer with some friends called out, "Hey. What's that thing you're paddling with? The stick I use to stir my cake mix with is bigger than that!"

"Ha! It's a Greenland paddle", I replied.

"Can you get anywhere with that!?"


"Why do you paddle with it!?"

"Well, lots of reasons":
  • "The long narrow blade of the Greenland paddle doesn't catch the wind like a big spoon, and spreads the pull on the water over a longer area. A big bladed paddle has a bigger pull on the water over a shorter wider area and puts more strain on your body."
  • "My Greenland paddle let me keep paddling when my injured right shoulder was healing and I haven't reinjured it as long as I stick with my Greenland paddle." (See: Let's talk yoga, a Greenland paddle and healing a wrecked shoulder.)
  • "These paddles were invented by the Inuit people of Greenland propelling their kayaks through big seas and wind, sometimes with a harpooned walrus in tow! They knew what they were doing!" 
After I gave him a few reasons why I paddle with a Greenland paddle, the real reason hit me and it was the most important one:

"When I paddle with my Greenland paddle, it makes me feel connected to the water and my kayak."

Now here's the funny, ironic part of this whole Greenland paddle thing, a skinny stick that always stirs curiosity to newcomers to the "stick", and the thing that made the guy and his crew laugh out loud:

"Plus, you can make one of these things for about 9 bucks! Now my expensive $500 Werner fiberglass paddle is my spare paddle!"

I've probably got one of the longest skinniest Greenland paddles around at 8 foot 8 inches long, and 2 3/4 inches at the widest part of the blade. And I love it!

More and more, I see people making their Greenland paddles with wider and wider blades for more power. Hey, is that cheating? Is it still a Greenland paddle?

Learn more about Greenland paddles at :  Adanac Paddles, Ontario, Canada or see: Greenland Paddle Makers

The Greenland paddle movement is growing! They are making a big comeback and there are more and more converts to the "stick"!

The GP connects you to so many things
  • Yourself
  • The Water and what it connects to
  • Other people
  • Great things you keep discovering
You can add to this list I'm sure!

Have you joined the GP community . . . yet!?
Happy paddling!
The BaffinPaddler