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Get to Know North Norway: Interview with Frode Wiggen, an awesome Greenland roller!

Frode Wiggen is the Senjaroller, from Senja, North Norway. He's an awesome Greenland roller, and obviously much more judging from the photographs and videos I've seen on his blog: Senjaroller which is in English and Norwegian.

And Sea Kayaker Magazine has taken note too. The February 2012 issue featured one of Frode's stunning photographs called, “Dividing the Waters”. 

The Greenland rollers fascinate me. They are the ones I need to watch and study as they are the masters of rolling a kayak. They truly love it and they make it look so easy. It's the Greenland rollers and paddlers who have gotten me into Greenland paddles by letting me try the paddles, or given me one, and they are the ones who encourage me and others not to give up on learning how to roll.

If you are rolling challenged like me, you can understand the frustration. The Greenland rollers seem to be the most patient of all. They seem to believe that we will some day, get it…