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The easiest way to find mindfulness - Paddling?

Yes?  No!  Maybe . . . I guess your paddle state-of-mind depends on many internal and external influences.

Internal influences may be your own health --- how you are feeling mentally and physically. You come to the water with a good attitude or with pent up stress from daily life and issues you just can't let go of. You may have a sore knee, a tummy ache, or a fit body that feels good all-over.

External influences may be the weather and conditions that you consider awful or totally perfect. A shoreline you'd like to land on is too rocky, or is very welcoming with a sandy beach.

Many things can affect our paddle state-of-mind and influence our ability to be mindful and enjoy our paddle.

What is mindfulness?

Mindfulness involves being in the present moment and paying attention with openness, interest, receptivity and without judgement.

Practising mindfulness on land can help us be more relaxed paddlers when we hit the water.

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