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Paddlers who don't know they love cross-country skiing yet . . . but will!

Trust me. You may be a paddler who doesn't know you love cross-country skiing! How do I know? That was me a few years back.

What are the signs of a paddler who does not know they love cross-country skiing . . . yet?
You are a paddler (OK, that one is obvious.)You tried cross-country skiing once and hated it! (That was me too. I tried it in the wrong place at the wrong time. Let's call it Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada! I love you Manitobans but it was flat, too cold, windy, uncut trails with crappy rental equipment across a somewhat frozen lake that went "crack" in spots, zero amenities, and I had no knowledge of technique. It wasn't my idea, someone invited me.)You hate winter and how long it lasts! (That used to be me too. I immigrated to Canada from California. Yes, I know that Canada is a country and that California is a state in the U.S., despite being a true blue-eyed blond with a few highlights. No, I was not thinking when I did it - meaning immigrating to Canad…