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Happy St. Patrick's Day from The BaffinPaddler

It's St. Patrick's Day. Time to tip our hats goodbye to the ice fishing huts on Lac Deschenes (on the Ottawa River) in Canada's National Capital Region.

Today the wind gusts were a wicked 65 km/hr (40 mph) making it hard to hold on to this flimsy green hat from the Dollar Store!

The ice fishing huts are all off the lake now, well ahead of spring thaw.

Here's a last look at this winter's cozy temporary village on Lac Deschenes with its spattering of quirky little heated ice-fishing huts. 

How these small, transportable shelters can harbor heat and not melt a hole in the ice are a mystery to me.
Winter recreation on frozen lakes wouldn't be complete without the majestic views of the snow kiters flying by on windy days.
Lonely? Check out the views. The Aylmer Marina and the cities of Gatineau and Ottawa are your next door neighbors. It feels remote, but it's not.
Personality. Each hut has its own story. It's tempting to peek into the windows.
Today, the li…