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Greetings from the Great White North! Awesome X-Country Skiing in Gatineau Park, Quebec, Canada

It's that time of year once again. To beg forgiveness of our diehard "must paddle winter" paddle buddies for parking our awesome sea kayaks and GPs (Greenland paddles) and picking up the ski poles instead.

I say, this is a better idea in winter! But hey, whatever floats your boat.

Good news! It's still not too late to convert from the "stick" (Greenland paddle) to the ski pole this winter. The sales are on and the snow is back! At least around here in the National Capital Region of Canada (Ottawa, Ontario/Gatineau, Quebec).

For last year's tempting plea for more diehard winter paddlers to convert to the slopes see:  Paddlers who don't know they love cross-country skiing yet . . . but will!

Or check out what you're missing again this year. Join us! Hit the slopes! I'm just sayin' Let's Ski! We'll paddle again when stuff thaws out.
Happy ski and paddle trails! Stay warm.
The BaffinPaddler

Maine Events: Lobster Industry Litter

Well, this probably isn’t going to be a very popular post. But it is important.

As paddlers, we see things from a different perspective sometimes. At a slower pace. We tend to spend more time wherever we are. It takes us longer to get there in a kayak! Maybe that's why some of us become sea kayakers. We take a deeper look. Like it or not.

The words, “Lobster Industry Litter” ran through my head so many times while paddling the Deer Isle Archipelago off Stonington, Maine last August that I became confused about eating seafood, and especially lobster.

When I looked at how much effort and resources are expended and how much industry litter lobster harvesting causes, I wondered how I could justify looking at a bright red lobster that was brown before it was boiled alive – now sitting on my plate.

And the answer was. I couldn’t.

But then, you could say the same thing about many other industries as well. It’s just that I don’t always stop to think about it.

Traveling and paddling have m…

Maine Events: The Forbidden Fruit . . .

Paddle partner: “Look at this one. So perfect! I’m taking it home with me!”

Me: “Are you nuts! You aren’t supposed to touch those things. Not even if they are abandoned on an island.”

Paddle partner: “I wonder if it will fit in one of my kayak hatches?”

Me: “No way. Not in a Maelstrom Vaag 174 sea kayak.”

Paddle partner: “I’ll strap it on the back deck.”
Me: “What! Not if you paddle with us. You’ll be target practice . . . what if they miss!”

Maine paddle buddies: Standing there in complete silence.

Everyone knows, you don’t mess with the lobstermen’s buoys or traps, on land or sea.

But we were in a minefield of “Forbidden Fruit”. It was everywhere. So tempting!

“Maybe just one, just once?”

Then it hit me too . . . I picked up a lost lobster buoy on Russ Island.
“Look at this one. It’s so nice. A real Maine lobster buoy. Maybe it will fit in the hatch of my Maelstrom Vital 166 sea kayak.”

Maine paddle buddies: Still standing there in complete silence, smiling quietly, wondering what …

Maine Events: A Beautiful Thing

The oneness of each, makes the paddle pod a beautiful thing.
Sharing . . .
Discovering . . .
Finding . . .
Together. It’s a beautiful thing.
I love how a kayak can take you there. Time and time again!
What’s this all about? 
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Happy paddles!
The BaffinPaddler

Maine Events: Happy Valentine’s Day!

Ahhhh, those passionate moments, the ones you love to remember, and can’t seem to forget.

I love those impromptu moments of discovery, like this special moment I was lucky to steal last August while paddling the Deer Isle Archipelago, off Stonington, Maine, USA.
This hidden little beach on Sand Island, shows up during low tide.
If your timing is right . . . you might just get lucky and meet up with it too.

A fleeting moment. I wish I could have stayed longer.

If your one true love, or best love, is secretly your awesome sea kayak and favorite Greenland paddle, you probably aren’t alone! And it's probably not a secret! I’m just sayin’: HAPPY VALENTINES DAY!  

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Happy paddle trails!
The BaffinPaddler

Maine Events: Bear Hugs

Why not? A little bear hug to warm up for a great meal of Maine’s awesome crabmeat stew, lobster rolls, and coleslaw at Dockside Restaurant in Belfast, Maine, while en route to Stonington, Maine to paddle the Deer Isle Archipelago last August with Maine paddle buddies.

“How come we can’t get this stuff in Canada!”

"Yeah, they make it, but Maine does it best!"

That's me thinking out loud and paddle partner agreeing in between bites. 

But hey. Why is the angle of this post’s photograph so bent out of shape? And why is there a big red dump truck barreling down the street?

Here’s a clue . . .

Me: “Here, take the camera.”

Paddle partner:
“Not this again.”

Me: “Got the picture?”

Paddle partner: “I’m HUNGRY!”

Me: “Take a picture please.”

Paddle partner: “Do we have to do this now?”

Me: “Thanks.”

Note to self: Always feed paddle partner first before requesting a photo. Seems paddle partners can’t see straight when hungry.

Here’s another shot after a good feeding.

What’s this all abou…

Maine Events: Nature's Conversations

Toadstool: Hey, Bill. How's it going?

Animal skull: Pretty good Sue. My contract has been extended.

Toadstool: Great news!

Animal skull: My client loves my work.
Toadstool: Awesome!

Animal skull: But I haven't done anything yet.

Toadstool: Keep up the good work!

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Happy paddles!
The BaffinPaddler
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Maine Events: Playing hooky from school

Cormorant 1: “This looks like a good hooky hang out to me.”

Cormorant 2:
“Honestly, I couldn’t stand to look at one more “algaeabraic” equation!  All that x and y stuff drives me crazy! 42y4 + 21xy − 14x3 + 42xy2 − 42y2 + 6 = 0”
Cormorant 3:
“No offence Hank, but I think you spelled it wrong. It’s a-l-g-e-b-r-a-i-c. Just say algebra.”

Cormorant 2:
“Why would anyone care about that stuff!?”

Cormorant 3:  “Uh dunno, maybe Einstein’s Theory of Relativity can make some sense of it?”

Cormorant 4: “No one will notice us way up here, right Ed?”

Cormorant 2: “What about those kayakers down there. Are they going to be a problem?”
Cormorant 5: “Nah. They’re too busy dodging lobster boats!”

Cormorant 2: “WATCHOUT! Here comes that Jonathan Livingston Seagull wannabe freak! He's out to set another free-fall record!”

Cormorant 1:
"Hey, what's the name of this big rock anyway, so we can put it on his epitaph!"

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Happy paddles!
The BaffinPad…

Maine Events: Lobster Boats

"We eat kayakers for lunch!"

No, not really.

But the name of this Maine lobster boat: "Tyrant", freaked me out a bit when I saw it suddenly come round the bend close to an island where our group of four were paddling last August!

As kayakers, we often think it's safer to hug a shoreline when bigger boats are in the vicinity  But a lot of lobster traps are set close to islands with enough depth to set a trap in the Deer Isle Archipelago, off Stonington, Maine, USA.

It was a surprising learning experience for me when padding in waters with a lot of actively working lobster boats.

You can see the lobster buoys floating on top of the water, and you know there is a lobster trap below. But you don't know when a lobster boat will show up to check the trap. They work fast! It will keep you alert in the Deer Isle Archipelago if you are a paddler!

Now, for the obvious. Maybe you should grab for the paddle instead of the camera when a lobster boat with a name like thi…

Maine Events: Only $6 for a pint!

Well, well. Does it get any better than this for a paddler?

After an awesome day of paddling the chilly Atlantic Ocean, and dodging the lobster boats working around the Deer Isle Archipelago from the enchanting village of Stonington, Maine, USA with newfound Maine paddle buddies last August, this is what we had to endure.

Great company, good service, perfect weather, and Maine's tasty chow and brew! Yaaa! 
Sorry. I took this shot of my awesome lunch after I dug into everything a bit, including the wine! But, did you notice? I'm saving the cornbread for last! I love it!

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More to come . . .

Happy memories of your best paddles and planning your next . . . !
The BaffinPaddler

Maine Events: Tugs!

Paddle partner: “Where are you going now?”

Me: “I’ll just be a minute.”

Paddle partner: “It’s lunch time! We have to get a table!”

Me: “I’ll just be a minute.”

Paddle partner: “I’m hungry!”

Me: “I’ll just be a minute.”

Paddle partner: “What are you doing!”

Me: “I’ll just be a minute.”

Paddle partner: “Don’t you see the line!”

Me: “Why don’t you get in line without me. I’ll catch up. I’m only 10 steps away!”

Paddle partner: “Do you have a table for two?”

Restaurant manager: “We have a 2-hour wait. We’re short on staff!”

Me thinking: “HA, HA!!!!!!” (You wouldn’t dare say this out loud to a hungry paddle partner who has the keys to the car with two kayaks strapped on top and you’re 8 hours away from home.)

Paddle partner: “Hey, that’s a really awesome shot of those two red tugs. When did you take that picture?”

Me: “Huh?”

I’ll be posting a series of snippets called “Maine Events” inspired from photographs of an awesome paddle trip to Stonington, Maine, USA, last August.

We have lots of ev…