Sunday, February 5, 2012

Maine Events: Lobster Boats

Working lobster boat "Tyrant", Deer Isle Archipelago, Stonington, Maine, USA, August 2011
"We eat kayakers for lunch!"

No, not really.

But the name of this Maine lobster boat: "Tyrant", freaked me out a bit when I saw it suddenly come round the bend close to an island where our group of four were paddling last August!

As kayakers, we often think it's safer to hug a shoreline when bigger boats are in the vicinity  But a lot of lobster traps are set close to islands with enough depth to set a trap in the Deer Isle Archipelago, off Stonington, Maine, USA.
It was a surprising learning experience for me when padding in waters with a lot of actively working lobster boats.

You can see the lobster buoys floating on top of the water, and you know there is a lobster trap below. But you don't know when a lobster boat will show up to check the trap. They work fast! It will keep you alert in the Deer Isle Archipelago if you are a paddler!

Now, for the obvious. Maybe you should grab for the paddle instead of the camera when a lobster boat with a name like this suddenly shows up?

Too tempting! But, use the zoom! Not fate.

Lobster boats are working boats. While they stop and work the traps, the boat still moves. As a paddler, you have to watch out and try to anticipate their next move and stay out of the way.

What's this all about?

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More to come . . .

Happy and safe paddles!
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