The magic of camping and kayaking at Bon Echo Provincial Park, Mazinaw Rock, Ontario, Canada! Get your bug suit on!

This is one of my favourite "easy to paddle" little magic spots!

Bon Echo Provincial Park is in the south central part of Ontario, Canada. It's a pretty nice place to camp! You have amenites here. Even on the back country sites - where you'll have more bugs - but more privacy. Take your pick. More people or more bugs? It's hard to choose sometimes!

Mazinaw Rock is on picturesque and easy to paddle Mazinaw Lake.
Mazinaw Rock is 100 metres high. If you call out, it echos three times - hence the name, "Bon Echo". In French it means, "good echo". I'll agree! I tried it - three times. It's true!

Mazinaw Lake is the second deepest lake in Ontario, Canada. It averages 135 feet deep, and its deepest parts are 476 feet deep. Wow! Suddenly, I feel so small.

You might want to think about a float for your camera here! If it goes overboard, you'll never find it again.
I'll admit - I love rocks. Doesn't everyone? 

Sorry for all the rock pics if that's not your thing. But Bon Echo rocks have great moods when the sun starts to set.

Bring your bug suit!
 It's summer in Canada. The bugs just love you!

Consider making breakfast at the beach instead of the woods!
Enjoy your breakfast without any bug bites!

And make it back to shore safely before that afternoon thunderstorm hits in July! Remember to bring the cockpit covers!
I'm short on words here for one reason

I know you're shopping for ideas and just want to plan a trip, get out and paddle and have fun. Me too!

For you climbers out there who may just want to climb the rock Google The Alpine Club of Canada

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Happy paddle trails!
The BaffinPaddler


  1. The a pane of glass..good stuff

  2. "Rock on" Baffin! BTW, what were you cooking for breakfast?

  3. I think it was scrambled eggs and bacon and of course real brewed coffee with cream and sugar. But coffee grounds while camping are a pain! I have switched to instant!



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