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The Stonington Cat . . . A day off from paddling Maine's awesome waters.

Have you met the Stonington Cat?

I just did.
The Stonington Cat is a real cutie. Very friendly, and roams the upper reaches of Maine's Stonington harbor along Main Street.
You might want to slow down if you're driving along this street and watch out for this little kitty!

Paddling the islands from Stonington, Maine, U.S.A., with PenobscotPaddles has been AWESOME.

I'll blog about that soon when I can get a better view of my computer screen and can do more justice to a blog post. Writing this with outdoor glare from the sun is not easy.   
Today, the Stonington Cat and his harbor haunts are on my mind, so I'll go with a few pics of that for today:

Back to Maine to paddle Stonington, meet up with PenobscotPaddles, and see if I can learn to navigate water with lots of islands!

These are some of my best Maine memories . . . so far!
It's always better to have more than one guarding the boats and posing for pics before they try to take off with the incoming tide!
I love Maine! Lobster boats and traps and all. These working boats move fast. Look out!
If you see a bay in Maine filled with colorful lobster buoys, there is a lobster trap underneath each one, and a lobster boat that will soon some to fetch!

You have to watch out for them! They don't look out for you.

Since my last trip to Maine years ago, I wake up each morning to a framed picture of colorful lobster buoys hanging on an old wooden shanty wall.
Now it's time to head back to Maine to paddle Stonington, and meet up with fellow paddle blogger PenobscotPaddles - starting tomorrow! Navigation is on my mind.

It's a 10-hour drive from home in the National Capital Region of Canada (Ottawa, Ontario/Gatineau, Quebec) to Stonington, Maine, U.S.A. The Mitsubishi Outlander is packed to the "g…