Friday, August 26, 2011

The Stonington Cat . . . A day off from paddling Maine's awesome waters.

Have you met the Stonington Cat?

I just did.
The Stonington Cat is a real cutie. Very friendly, and roams the upper reaches of Maine's Stonington harbor along Main Street.
You might want to slow down if you're driving along this street and watch out for this little kitty!

Paddling the islands from Stonington, Maine, U.S.A., with PenobscotPaddles has been AWESOME.

I'll blog about that soon when I can get a better view of my computer screen and can do more justice to a blog post. Writing this with outdoor glare from the sun is not easy.   
Maelstrom Vital 166 and Maelstrom Vaag 174 on Gooseberry Island, Maine
Today, the Stonington Cat and his harbor haunts are on my mind, so I'll go with a few pics of that for today:
Fisherman's home on the Stonington harbour
The real working McCoys
Lobster trap debris
Lobster buoy cliches
Beached at low tide. Tides are about 11 to 12 feet here.
A local rooster scratching for worms.
Stonington harbor life
Stonington harbor flower arrangements
Lobster lunch meat
A hardy and serious tie-down view of the Stonington harbor.
Stonington apples. Small, tart, and tasty!
Wednesday night and all day Thursday,  the wind was AWESOME . . . about 25 miles per hour or more!

Some kayak campers out on the islands off Stonington, Maine called in for a ride back home on a motorized boat.

In Webb Cove, at 4:30 a.m. each morning you hear a crew of lobster boats heading out. Not many on Thursday.

The Malestrom Vital 166 and Vaag 174 were beached yesterday too. The crosswind was way too wicked.

The paddle partner was bored, and the new Eureka! Bon Echo Air tent and storm shield is being fully-tested by Maine's ocean winds and evening thunderstorms and is still standing . . . the last time I checked! Although the large vestibule on these tents definitely leak from the ceiling, but the interior of the tent stays dry.
The outdoor Internet cafe at the Webb Cove basecamp at Old Quarry Ocean Adventures and the 350 pics I took in the last two days are my best friends on non-paddle days during this trip.

Basecamp is ocean waterfront.

The long blond hair in my ponytail got shaken loose every couple of hours yesterday, and my eyes feel eternally puffy from the ocean air. Or is it the camping!

One mosquito won't leave me alone and I can't catch it!

I guess I could have headed inland or indoors!

Buy why? This is the ocean!

And today is a totally different story.  Calm and sunny on the ocean front and a much better day to head out and paddle and we will!

Hey kitty, where are you off to now!? . . . The Stonington Cat.
Happy and safe paddles!
Sometimes it's just best to stay home, wherever that is!
The BaffinPaddler


  1. I see you met some interesting Stonington natives - great pictures!

    It was fantastic paddling with you and your charming paddling partner this past week! I'm so glad you took the time to come to our waters and share with us. I hope your trip back home is a safe and smooth one - treat Irene with caution :)

  2. Nice blog- enjoyable reading and great photos. The cat's name is Dundee- he lives at Dockside Books, down the street. Glad you liked Stonington.

  3. Hi Michael.

    Thanks for letting me know the name of the beautiful and friendly Stonington Cat.

    I visited your gallery while there too. Very nice!

    I think we saw you out there guiding from Old Quarry too.