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Newfound Lake, New Hampshire. But the tourist brochure said pristine and no commercial development!

I should have known not to believe it when the tourist brochure said "Newfound Lake is pristine and has no commercial development." I came through the city of Bristol, to the southern-most beach and said, "Oh s*#t!"

All around me and as far as the eye could see were wall-to-wall cottages and rows of docks packed with hundreds of ski boats, those ultra-expensive mega party boats with the monster speakers and lights. Of course you don't see them in the photo. I made sure to hide them from the view.

So what do they consider no commercial development around here I wondered? This looks way OVER DEVELOPED to me! And this is just the southern tip of the lake! It was the first thought running through my mind when the lake came into view.

The next thing running through my mind was making a decision. Do I get out and paddle this thing anyway or head somewhere else? I'm on vacation in a new place I don't know very well and I only have a few days left. Every day…