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When one sport informs another . . . where's your center? Paddleboarding, yoga and cycling

I love this question. I began thinking about it while cycling. I haven't cycled very much this summer, but why do I feel so strong and have so much cardio despite the heat and humidity?

Why do I feel more balanced? Why do my standing yoga poses (on land and in the studio) feel so much easier and grounded? I can hold them longer in comfort and relaxation.

Nothing hurts. My muscles are long and lean.

The only thing I did differently this year from past years was lots of SUP (Stand up Paddleboard). What I call "simple SUP". Just paddleboarding at a relaxed easy pace for an hour (or two) several times a week. Even 30 minutes feels good if that's all you've got time for, or if a thunderstorm rolls in and you have to get off the water.

The results of simple SUP, something I find just plain fun and easy, are amazing.

When one sport or practice informs another, they are complements to each other. Athletes call it cross-training.

When one sport or activity informs anoth…