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Look what glows on Maelstrom Sea Kayaks

I know that the decklines on our sea kayaks reflect light, and appear to glow for safety reasons, but I didn't know that the logos on the nose of the Maelstrom Vital 166, and Vaag 174 were reflective too. The flash on the camera just revealed that in a dark garage.

In the daylight, the logo text on the nose of the boats is black. 

The big "O" on the tail of Maelstrom Sea Kayaks is blue by day and reflective at night.
An added safety feature byMaelströmkayak to make us more visible out there when it gets dark.

Look at the difference from my yellow Boreal Baffin on the top rack. It doesn't have any reflective tape at the nose or tail. I think I may just add some. Something to think about.

And yes, fall also means time to clean up and reorganize the gear in the garage so the cars can squeeze back in this winter! The gear keeps taking over!

2012 Update: Maelstromkayak and Boreal Design are no longer manufacturing and distributing the Vital 166 or Vaag 174 sea kayaks.…

Hey! What are you doing on my island!

Looks like the gatekeeper of this little island I stopped at during my fall Paddle to Yoga trails wants to collect a toll?

Or is he a reincarnated yoga instructor that doesn't like the look of some of my poses . . . ?
, The weather in September in Canada's National Capital Region (Ottawa, Ontario, Gatineau, Quebec) and the 1000 Islands region on the St. Lawrence River has been exceptional. The fall colours are already in bloom. Let's hope October is even better.

I'm still out there paddling to yoga in destinations near and far and shopping for more good spots to practice, relax, or strike a pose.
Have you paddled to yoga yet?

It's awesome! With proper warm up and qualified instruction of course.
Happy paddle to yoga trails.
I hope you are enjoying a great fall.

The BaffinPaddler
Paddle to Yoga in the 1000 Islands Gananoque

Stonington Stories: Fog!

 On my recent trip to paddle the Atlantic Ocean from Stonington, Maine's Deer Isle Archipelago, I came back with a large volume of photographs that made me see the trip in a series of stories:
FogLobster BoatsGulsThingFindersPaddle Bloggers and BuddiesGranite The Stonington Cat (This one was published while I was in Stonington and is one of my favorites.) Here's Fog. It's a big one! 
I mean fog is a big and important topic, especially on the ocean and even more so when you are paddling around Maine with the large lobster industry out there.

The Maine Lobster Council has an excellent website for more information on just how big the lobster industry is, how it operates, when the harvest season is, and much more.

And guess what. You can wait for hours for the fog to clear and when it does, you think it's gone.
Turn your back for 30 minutes, and it has suddenly reappeared. "Say what?! I thought it was gone for the day!"
Maine fog is impressive! And it is no stranger…

Portaging Adventures in the Adirondacks, NY with the awesome Malestrom Vital 166!

Here's proof that the sturdy Yedo Paddleboy kayak cart comes apart easily, and fits into the small back hatch of a Maelstrom Sea Kayak! I had my doubts!
Awesome! The Malestrom Vital 166, and the Yedo Paddleboy kayak cart! They work well together.

And here's the kick.

I didn't test the cart and rear hatch space to see if they fit before the Adirondack trip and lost a night of sleep the day before the portage trip wondering if it would.

Usually I test gear before a trip, but this time my attitude was: "The cart is going into or onto this skinny kayak one way or another. So why bother."

Now you don't have to wonder.

The Maelstrom Kayak back hatches are pretty small, but they did design them large enough to function as awesome day paddle boats. I wouldn't even attempt to kayak camp with one though.
Both the Yedo Paddleboy kayak cart and the Maelstrom Vital 166 hauled really well on a fairly easy 1/4 mile portage in between lakes and a connecting river. 

Why …

Greeted with Ginger Brew, maps, and goodwill . . . Paddling Maine's Deer Isle Archipelago with PenobscotPaddles

Thanks first, stories later
I've come home with so many photos, memories, ideas, inspiration, and stories from my paddling and camping trip to the Deer Isle Archipelago, Stonington, Maine to meet up with fellow paddle blogger PenobscotPaddles, that my head is spinning and I don't know where to start.
Or at least I didn't until now.

First things first.

A big thanks to awesome new Maine paddle buddies, the PenobscotPaddles team for spoiling us rotten while we were there with all things good and fun: Maps, Maine Root Ginger Brew, good company, an awesome new red cedar Greenland Paddle, guided tours, and unforgettable memories.
PenobscotPaddles knew I was working on a Paddle to Yoga project in the 1000 Islands Gananoque, in Ontario, Canada, and took me to some great Paddle to Yoga spots ocean front in the Deer Isle Archipelago, from Stonington, Maine that I will never forget, and hope to return to one day.