Thursday, September 29, 2011

Look what glows on Maelstrom Sea Kayaks

I know that the decklines on our sea kayaks reflect light, and appear to glow for safety reasons, but I didn't know that the logos on the nose of the Maelstrom Vital 166, and Vaag 174 were reflective too. The flash on the camera just revealed that in a dark garage.

In the daylight, the logo text on the nose of the boats is black. 

The big "O" on the tail of Maelstrom Sea Kayaks is blue by day and reflective at night.
An added safety feature by Maelstr√∂mkayak to make us more visible out there when it gets dark.

Look at the difference from my yellow Boreal Baffin on the top rack. It doesn't have any reflective tape at the nose or tail. I think I may just add some. Something to think about.

And yes, fall also means time to clean up and reorganize the gear in the garage so the cars can squeeze back in this winter! The gear keeps taking over!

2012 Update: Maelstromkayak and Boreal Design are no longer manufacturing and distributing the Vital 166 or Vaag 174 sea kayaks. Boreal Design declared bankruptcy in 2012. The company was sold to another manufacturer along with the Vital and Vaag designs, which are no longer manufactured in Quebec or in Canada. Maelstromkayak has two new high-performance kayak models with new design features: the Forvag and Flod.

Happy paddles and discovering the features of your awesome boat!
The BaffinPaddler

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