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You'll never be able to balance on that thing! The many joys of the trottinette-scooter

Actually that's a quote from the photographer, "You'll never be able to balance on that thing! To do a yoga pose on it you'd have to encase the wheels in cement first!"

Me: "Oh well. Let's try it. Be patient . . . but, BE READY TO SNAP THE SECOND I GET IT!"

Finding balance is a fun challenge sometimes. But why make it too difficult. I grounded myself next to a sturdy tree to help me find balance and did the yoga tree pose on this kid's scooter. It's called a "trottinette" in French.

The wheels were not secured by anything other than the ground, my weight, and concentration. Yoga is a wonderful thing, especially when you can connect it to yourself and the environment! I love yoga in the outdoors. No need to remove the heavy duty hiking boots.

Why I like the scooter-trottinette

It's a lot of fun to get a workout and play and drift on these mini skateboards with handlebars.

It doesn't even feel like a workout when you scoot a…

Paddle blogger at work

I really hate those point blank self-inflicted shots, but that's the kayak blogger at work.

Do I really look like that close up, and all geared up? Happy and warm! But not cute or stylish. Especially in November!

It's a wet, dirty job sometimes, but somebody's gotta be out there looking for stories. I'll have more coming. They keep finding me. And I need more work!

I wish kayaking gear was more fashionable. It looks good on guys with big shoulders though.

Happy trails!
Peggy Varner, Publisher of The BaffinPaddler

Where did lunch take you today?

Even better, what's in the wide-mouth thermos?

Hot, homemade, extra tender corned beef cabbage with carrots and potatoes in a clear, natural broth. The best on November paddles.

Which kayak got lucky to tag along?

Happy paddles!
Have fun with November.
The BaffinPaddler

Are you ready to pack up your kayak?

It's November. In Canada that means cold. Packing it up doesn't mean packing it in. It may just mean a road trip somewhere warmer or an extra layer of gear.

I have two awesome sea kayaks. One kayak is still packed with travel gear, ready to go. And I'm just looking at it wondering what to do with it.

Pondering the next paddle. It's called sitting on the fence. Fences aren't made for sitting.

Happy paddles!
The BaffinPaddler

Paddler's wish list for Christmas

Dear Santa,

Please have a word with all the tourism, marina, and park people around the world and ask them for kayak friendly docks and boat launches.

I'm just sayin'. It would be much appreciated! And might encourage more visitors of our kind.

The BaffinPaddler

Send this wish to every tourism, marina, and park agency you know where you've encountered kayak unfriendly docks and boat launches.

Here's to the memories of kayak unfriendly docks, slippery cement boat launches, rocky shores, and silty bottoms to launch and land from and having a good day paddling anyway without getting hurt.

You really can't complain about surf launches and landings. Santa can't do anything about that.

Happy paddles!
The BaffinPaddler