Saturday, November 3, 2012

Paddler's wish list for Christmas

Dear Santa,

Please have a word with all the tourism, marina, and park people around the world and ask them for kayak friendly docks and boat launches.

I'm just sayin'. It would be much appreciated! And might encourage more visitors of our kind.

The BaffinPaddler

Send this wish to every tourism, marina, and park agency you know where you've encountered kayak unfriendly docks and boat launches.

Here's to the memories of kayak unfriendly docks, slippery cement boat launches, rocky shores, and silty bottoms to launch and land from and having a good day paddling anyway without getting hurt.

You really can't complain about surf launches and landings. Santa can't do anything about that.

Happy paddles!
The BaffinPaddler


  1. Hey Peggy! While you are compiling Christmas lists for yakers, please include this wish from me!

    My wish is for all fishermen and other recreational boaters, to slow down when passing or over taking canoes or kayaks!

    Not only is it common courtesy, but in many areas, it is the law!

  2. Hi,

    I'm not compling wish lists for yakers. I think it could be a long list. This is just my letter to Santa. But your wish is certainly a good one too!


    Cheers from Canada.