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Snowmobile to Yoga . . . or, do yoga on the snowmobile

Why not. Both work. Snowmobile to yoga. Do yoga on the snowmobile.

Just look at the face on this little bug-eyed gal. She's a 7-year-old Ski-Doo and weighs over 400 lbs.
She's got a nice metal deck on the back for hauling stuff, or for striking a few standing yoga poses.
Enjoy winter yoga in the outdoors while you can. Find your spot. Strike your pose.

Spring mud, rain, and bugs are on the way and it's back to the indoor yoga studio until late summer and fall!

Thanks to friends for taking me snowmobiling on awesome Laurentian mountain trails, across frozen lakes, and through big open fields in Quebec, Canada.

Now, if only they would make them . . . cough, choke . . . carbon friendly, that would be great. Same for cars and motor boats!

Happy trails!
The BaffinPaddler

Outhouses . . . friend or foe?

It's crooked.

The door is padlocked, or

there's a stick in front to keep the door shut and the skunks out.

It's close to a big bee farm in a field of clover and dandelions.

The door won't stay shut. There's no lock.

It's buried in snow. The door won't open.
There's no light inside.

You have to bring your own supplies.

It's a beautiful thing?

It's an ugly beast?

When you were a girl scout (or a boy scout), and had latrine cleaning duty, the skunk stick was always on the ground and the door was cracked open . . .

Outhouses. Friend or foe?

You never know, no matter what the season, how to navigate their folly.

They are things of curiosity. Sometimes necessity.

Bring friends. Let them go first!
Happy trails wherever you go. Spring is on the way.
The BaffinPaddler