Saturday, February 4, 2012

Maine Events: Only $6 for a pint!

A pint of draught for $6 at Fisherman's Friend Restaurant, Stonington, Maine, USA, last August
Well, well. Does it get any better than this for a paddler?

After an awesome day of paddling the chilly Atlantic Ocean, and dodging the lobster boats working around the Deer Isle Archipelago from the enchanting village of Stonington, Maine, USA with newfound Maine paddle buddies last August, this is what we had to endure.

Great company, good service, perfect weather, and Maine's tasty chow and brew! Yaaa! 
Fish n' chips and cornbread!
Sorry. I took this shot of my awesome lunch after I dug into everything a bit, including the wine! But, did you notice? I'm saving the cornbread for last! I love it!

What’s this all about?
See the first Maine Events

More to come . . .

Happy memories of your best paddles and planning your next . . . !
The BaffinPaddler

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