Friday, February 3, 2012

Maine Events: Tugs!

Tug boats in Belfast, Maine, USA
Paddle partner: “Where are you going now?”

Me: “I’ll just be a minute.”

Paddle partner: “It’s lunch time! We have to get a table!”

Me: “I’ll just be a minute.”

Paddle partner: “I’m hungry!”

Me: “I’ll just be a minute.”

Paddle partner: “What are you doing!”

Me: “I’ll just be a minute.”

Paddle partner: “Don’t you see the line!”

Me: “Why don’t you get in line without me. I’ll catch up. I’m only 10 steps away!”

Paddle partner: “Do you have a table for two?”

Restaurant manager: “We have a 2-hour wait. We’re short on staff!”

Me thinking: “HA, HA!!!!!!” (You wouldn’t dare say this out loud to a hungry paddle partner who has the keys to the car with two kayaks strapped on top and you’re 8 hours away from home.)

Paddle partner: “Hey, that’s a really awesome shot of those two red tugs. When did you take that picture?”

Me: “Huh?”

I’ll be posting a series of snippets called “Maine Events” inspired from photographs of an awesome paddle trip to Stonington, Maine, USA, last August.

We have lots of events in our lives. Things happen in little bits n’ pieces. Snippets! You can relate . . . ? Are these riddles?

This is the first snippet: Maine Events: Tugs!

I hope you enjoy it. It’s one of my favorites!

Later, when I resume my series of Stonington Stories, you may find some of the images in these Maine Events snippets woven into a larger story. Fun, eh?

Happy paddles!
The BaffinPaddler


  1. I know those tugs! We had lunch at the Weathervane today, nice corner seat overlooking the harbor. The wait is far less in the winter...

  2. Awesome! What a small world. Belfast, Maine is so cute! I love it!

    Those red tugs really caught my eye. The need for food took a back seat (for me anyway!)when I saw them!

    Miss paddling with you guys!

    Cheers from Canada.