Thursday, February 9, 2012

Maine Events: Playing hooky from school

5 Cormorants on a big rock somewhere in the Deer Isle Archipelago, near Stonington, Maine, USA
Cormorant 1: “This looks like a good hooky hang out to me.”

Cormorant 2:
“Honestly, I couldn’t stand to look at one more “algaeabraic” equation!  All that x and y stuff drives me crazy! 42y4 + 21xy − 14x3 + 42xy2 − 42y2 + 6 = 0”

Cormorant 3:
“No offence Hank, but I think you spelled it wrong. It’s a-l-g-e-b-r-a-i-c. Just say algebra.”

Cormorant 2:
“Why would anyone care about that stuff!?”

Cormorant 3:  “Uh dunno, maybe Einstein’s Theory of Relativity can make some sense of it?”

Cormorant 4: “No one will notice us way up here, right Ed?”

Cormorant 2: “What about those kayakers down there. Are they going to be a problem?”
Cormorant 5: “Nah. They’re too busy dodging lobster boats!”

Cormorant 2: “WATCHOUT! Here comes that Jonathan Livingston Seagull wannabe freak! He's out to set another free-fall record!”

Cormorant 1:
"Hey, what's the name of this big rock anyway, so we can put it on his epitaph!"

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