Saturday, June 26, 2010

Why am I the Baffin Paddler?

People keep asking me, "Who is the Baffin Paddler?"
I'm not sure either. But here's a clue.

I may add more to this page as I find out. I hate definitions.

People say now that I own a Maelstrom Vital 166, I'm no longer the BaffinPaddler. Is that so?! We'll see about that.

I still own a Boreal Baffin. It's the first boat that made me stop, wonder, think, and want to learn more about paddling. I really had no choice either. The Baffin is a great boat, but it weathercocks so badly in wind, any wind, big or small, that I had to learn strokes and edging quickly. I hate the skeg wheel on it too, so I made peace with this boat by taking up a Greenland paddle. The Greenland paddle allows me to quickly and seamlessly adjust my strokes to compensate for the weathercocking of the Baffin and stop fiddling and cursing the skeg! And the Baffin is a great boat for rolling, except for me.

See, the Baffin has done so much for me and my paddling. I've had such great times with it in all kinds of water and it's also annoyed the heck out of me. A balanced relationship for sure!

But, my new Malestrom Vital 166 is the boat that gives me hope for learning how to roll. There are things I like better about one boat or the other. Sometimes when I'm out on the water, I find myself wishing I could fuse certain aspects of them together and create one perfect boat. But, I'm still the BaffinPaddler. And I'm still looking for that perfect boat. The looking and the journey are part of the fun. There's still so much to find.

Some people also ask me, "What is your blog about? Recipes?"
Yep, that's a remark from a guy. Ha! Come find out. But if you do have any good kayak camp recipes, send em to me. I'll create a Kayak Camp Recipe section on this blog just for the guy paddlers! Maybe even publish a book, so send me pictures of your successful and not so successful creations and the rights to publish them too. Then I can pick out what you can cook for me! I can't camp cook (yet) and will rely on you to do that for me!

Don't you just love people!

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Happy paddling and looking for your perfect paddle mate(s)!
The Baffin Paddler

P.S. Hanging out sideways in a sea kayak is one of my favorite things to do. Don't ask me why. If the boat does not hang out sideways well, it's not for me. The boat should tease the water and want to play! Despite all that, I don't like whitewater boats at all! It's long, sleek, and fast for me.

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