Wednesday, September 15, 2010

For the Rolling Challenged - Your Wet Puppy

Here's your "Wet Puppy" pic. She doesn't seem to like it either . . . getting used to water.

Is this how you feel sometimes after a rolling lesson, whether you have successfully rolled or not. . . when you get out of your nice snug boat?

And she hasn't even experienced upside down underwater. But, she's a happy pup just the same . . . a little surprised, a bit confused, sometimes worried and whiney, needing a bit of support, love and understanding, and trying to get used to a whole new world, just like us! You gotta love a newbie to something.

I just wish she wouldn't sip my coffee!

A warm dry happy puppy pic will appear soon. The same way I feel after rolling practice and a great big towel!

Why puppies?
They just make you feel better don't they? And they share some of the same emotions we do. Even if you are feeling great, they make you smile harder.

Happy rolling practice and staying warm and dry!
The BaffinPaddler


  1. that looks like an Australian Sheppard blue merle. Is that right?
    I had a black tri and there is nothing an Aussie can't do.
    I used to ride mtb and backpack with mine.
    Was not super keen on water but managed to get her surfing on a longboard.
    She loved bikes though.
    Unfortunately she had to be left behind in USA when I moved...

  2. Yep! She's an Aussie, Border Collie mix, and beautiful blue merle.