Sunday, December 26, 2010

Top 50 Kayaking Blogs - BaffinPaddler made the list!

Wow! It really pays to pay attention to your Web stats and see where your traffic comes from.

I just noticed that BaffinPaddler made the list of  Top 50 Kayaking Blogs on and Guide to Online Schools.  How cool!

Hey thanks! It's an honor to be reviewed and ranked. And a great motivator for a blogger. I'm a big fan of blogs and bloggers. And now I've just discovered yet another great resource of some kayak blogs I didn't know about that I can also share on my blog. Some of my favorite kayak bloggers are listed on my blog roll in the right column of my blog.

There is a kinship amongst kayakers in general and with kayak bloggers in particular. It is great to stay connected to other kayakers this way. They are the ones who motivate me to get out there and discover something new and maybe paddle with some of them one day.

This review is great for us bloggers..Looks like great photos and videos are an expected hit along with the stories and adventures that we all manage to find and share along the way. And readers do appreciate the balance of including the mention of safety aspects and technique when it comes to our sport. I'm glad to hear that. That's what makes our sport more fun! When we come back safe, sound, and in one piece so we can head out time and time again.

People want to know how much fun we're having, where we're having it, and what kind of gear we like. We love our gear! We need our gear. We rely on our gear as much as we rely on ourselves. When you think about it, we're a team.

It's winter, and in Canada and a lot of other places around the world, winter means cold! Which can also mean fun or freezing your butt off whether you are on or off the water.

Gear is really on my mind right now. The freezing wind running up my belly early in the season made me stop and think in between shivers. So, I indulged in one of my other favorite sports - shopping (at gear stores of course)! I'll be talking about some pretty simple gear soon. The most important gear to think about first, but we often think about last, is the foundation. The base layer! A good base can keep you warm and dry, or cool and comfortable if you get it right.

Happy blogging!
The BaffinPaddler


  1. Congratulations on being reviewed and ranked by Guide to Online Schools! And thanks for posting my blog in your "Other Bloggers" listing! I hope Santa brought you wonderful gifts... and did not leave you any coal! Happy Holidays from the Durhamblogger!

  2. Congrats on your well deserved recognition! Your posts are always well thought out and well written!