Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Plan a Paddle from a Tree! Petite Nation River, Ripon, Quebec, Canada

I did a little Spring paddle planning from a tree today. Spring for those of us in colder climes, like Canada,  means we start getting major paddle itch when we see open water and start dreaming about where that first paddle is going to be after a long cold winter. Finding new water to paddle, meaning water you haven't paddled before, is always more exciting than thinking about plopping your sea kayak in the same old beautiful river, lake, or stretch of ocean you've paddled time and time again. Right!

On my way back home from a visit up to Mont-Tremblant, Quebec, Canada, my GPS Tom Tom One "Lori" suggested a small highway I didn't normally travel, and I had the great pleasure of discovering a much better route that took me along beautiful stretches of the Petite Nation River through the little town of Ripon, Quebec.
When you stop and fall in love with a spot, it's a great day. Especially when you vow to come back with your boat. I was wishing my Maelstrom Vital 166 or Boreal Baffin was with me. But the Vital was still in bubble wrap at home waiting to be unravelled after spending most of the winter with its maker, Boreal Design, to fix all its leaky hatches and repair the gel coat that I busted on some nasty lake rocks.
 Finding new stretches of river to paddle are my thing right now. I'm thrilled to have discovered more stretches of rivers close to home that I want to paddle: Parts of the Petite Nation River (at Ripon, Quebec), and long stretches of the Riviere Rouge/Red River in the Mont Tremblant, Quebec area. I'll be posting more on this later in the paddling season.
Today, I had to dream of paddling this stretch of the Petite Nation River from a tree suspended over the water. Trying a little yoga in a tree over the icy water was the best I could do to tease the water and hope I didn't fall in. And it rocked. But I'm not suggesting anyone else try this.
Where will your first spring paddle be?

Happy spring paddles.
Stay warm and safe.
Find a new river to paddle!
The BaffinPaddler

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  1. I welcomed spring down in Morrisburg ON on the seaway 21st mar. Great posts!