Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Camelot Island Neighbors

Valley Sea Kayaks on Camelot Island, 1000 Islands, Ontario. Canada
Here's a little exploration of neighbors. Having neighbors and being a neighbor. Don't you just love it . . . ?

Camelot Island Neighbors is a story from the perspective of a sea kayaker (me) on an island in the 1000 Islands off Gananoque, Ontario, Canada, kayak camping for the first time with the Boreal Baffin sea kayak last August with a group of paddlers from Ottawa, Ontario.

This trip really made me start to think about neighbors and the neighborhood. You can relate I'm sure. You have neighbors and you are a neighbor too.

My next story about kayak camping on Camelot Island in the 1000 Islands is up on The Great Waterway, a cool new Ontario Tourism website where I'm a regular blogger.

You can check it out if you like:
Camelot Island Neighbors: My first kayak camping trip with the Boreal Baffin. Awesome!

For more about the Camelot Island neighborhood visit:

Setting up Camp on Camelot

What's this all about?
Read about the BaffinPaddler on The Great Waterway

It's spring thaw around here in the National Capital Region of Canada (Ottawa, Ontario/Gatineau, Quebec). Time to get out and paddle soon and plan a few trips to somewhere new!

Enjoy your trip planning.
Happy paddles!
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