Monday, August 27, 2012

Why do you paddle?

Maelstrom Vaag 174 sea kayak, Loon, Lac Monroe, Mont Tremblant, Quebec, Canada
Simple question. "Why do you paddle?"

You may question it sometimes. "Why am I doing this!"

It can be an up and down road. 

The answer for me is: It's all the times that make me think and feel . . .
"This is why I paddle!"

Picnic table on sandy beach, Lac Monroe, Mont Tremblant, Quebec, Canada
I'll admit. I love luxury. When you spot an unoccupied picnic table in the distance on a sandy beach, you may find yourself thinking, "This is why I paddle faster!"

Later, I'll write about and post some video on another great adventure. 

Learning how to Balance Brace a sea kayak in nice spots. (Here it is: Balance Brace practice in the Maelstrom Vital 166 in this beautiful spot.)
Maelstrom Vital 166 sea kayak, sandy beach, Lac Monroe, Mont Tremblant, Quebec, Canada
Why not? If you're going to get sideways and look at the world upside-down from a kayak, you might as well do it with nice views for inspiration.

Then, on to the road to rolling. It's been a long, hard, fearful road for me - 3 years. So, for people who don't just learn all this stuff quick and easy, you may want to come along for the ride.

For instructors, paddle friends and bloggers, and spotter friends who stick with us on the longer path to success - THANKS!

And we won't forget about the awesome Cowboy Scramble!

Keep practicing.

Happy paddles!
The BaffinPaddler


  1. I paddle to see the beautiful places in the world. It looks like you have some great ones there!