Tuesday, October 23, 2012

This is so redundant! The reds and yellows of Canada's fall

This is so redundant. But each year, it's necessary to pay tribute to the reds and yellows of fall.
They go so well together.


More of the same?
Finally a bridge.
A cement and steel ice breaker. The Madawaska's current will push you into them if you drift too close with your hands off the paddle.
This is so redundant - more red and yellow.
Burnstown Beach
It's everywhere.

Red and yellow.
 Enjoy the reds and yellows of Canada's awesome fall.
But watch out for the rocks, current, and dam at Calabogie to avoid the reds to you don't want to see.
  Images, paddle location, and trip details:
  • Madawaska River, Ontario, Canada
  • Burnstown Beach to Calabogie
  • 12.5 km paddle each way
  • Current flows from Calabogie towards Burnstown
  • If you launch from the Burnstown beach boat launch (very kayak friendly, lots of parking, and a small fee to pay), you are paddling against the current. 
  • Current strength varies depending on time of year and the upstream dam at Calabogie. 
  • From Burnstown - West-southwest heading out. From Calabogie - East-northeast heading back to Burnstown. Not complicated to navigate.
  • Wind direction tends to change every 15 minutes on windy days in each direction - you'll have a headwind, crosswind, and tailwind both ways - ENJOY!
See last year's tribute to fall in Gatineau Park

Fall peaks in Gatineau Park, Quebec. Colours and cold water! 

Happy trails!
The BaffinPaddler

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