Saturday, December 8, 2012

Rescue me! A geocache without the geo at the Battle of the Windmill National Historic Site, Prescott, Ontario, Canada

I think this is an awesome candidate and location for a really cool geocache.

I found the candidate. A big, beautiful, fishing lure that I almost stepped on at the rocky, wild beach just below the Battle of the Windmill National Historic Site in Prescott, Ontario on a recent November paddle on the St. Lawrence Seaway.

The site has a small, wild, tangled woods surrounding it. Perfect for hiding a cache.

You can reach this destination by car or by kayak. 
This site is easy to find and a pretty cool place to spend some time, learn a little history, and watch the big tankers go by in the shipping channel. Just Google: Battle of the Windmill, Prescott, Ontario, Canada.
Where to find the lure

I placed the blue and silver fishing lure on top of a large, brown, round rock not far from where my kayak is beached in the image above. Then, I secured it by placing a smaller, but heavy, pale grey, triangle shaped rock on top of it, and left it there for someone else to find, and not step on!

This object, and the site would make an awesome geocache, but you'd need to geocache it.

I've left it as a potential geocache candidate for one of you to find and package, or as a gift to a wanting fisherman who may want to rescue it and fish with it.

If you do find it and rescue it, please let me know it's safe and sound. We don't want stuff with hooks floating around getting caught up in things.

If you find it and turn it into a cool geocache, please log in the BaffinPaddler, November 23, 2012.

Paddlers and hikers with a GPS love to geocache. 

I should have been prepared with a waterproof case that I was willing to leave behind, a marker, a small log book, and a GPS on this paddle!

And I was wondering, did I bring along my fishing pliers and wire cutter?

Be careful handling the lure. It has multiple hooks. Watch where you walk on shorelines. This guy was hard to see.

Happy geocaching!
The BaffinPaddler


  1. I love kayaking and geocaching! I'll keep this one in mind next time I'm up that way. Thanks for the post!

    1. Thanks Michael.

      I hope this fishing lure finds a cool new job. I wouldn't mind knowing what it's up to and where it travels! It beached itself in a pretty interesting spot. Let's see what other stories it has to tell.

      If you get up this way, maybe let me know.