Friday, February 22, 2013

Snowshoeing Montagne d'Argent in La Conception, Quebec, Canada: It' ain't boring!

There is too much to say and too many pictures to tell the story of this cool snowshoeing and rock-and ice climbing destination.

But here's a hint. I like it. It has made the snowshoeing trails in Quebec's Gatineau Park, and the National Capital Region of Canada seem so boring and tame.

Montagne d'Argent (10 minutes north of Mont Tremblant off Hwy 117) is part of the Laurentians (French: Laurentides), an awesomely beautiful mountain range in southern Quebec, Canada, north of the St. Lawrence River and Ottawa River. So, it's not really fair to compare flat forest trails and hills to mountains. But your mind will do it anyway!

They say Montagne d'Argent (Silver Mountain) is a jewel, discovered and developed for outdoor recreation by climbers. I'll agree. It's a jewel.

If you're bored to death of those tromped down walk-in-the park snowshoe trails you find in so many urban areas, you may want to give Montagne d'Argent a try for a great mountain snowshoe.

Here are a few highlights . . . 

Get ready to glissade. Dodge trees. Grab onto a few mountaineering ropes tied to trees in steep spots. All at the same time!
Gaze at ice walls along the way – you won't be climbing them in snowshoes!
More rope!
Watch the ice climbers.
More rope!
Look out at the world around you.
Did I mention rope!
Be impressed with how small you are.

Learn how to negotiate this snow-covered obstacle.
And my favourite obstacle of all, figuring out how to get into (and out of) the old hammock at basecamp that never seems to be occupied in winter.
There's lots of fresh snow up here in the Mont Tremblant region, and more on the way! This destination is best with lots of snow! Avoid it in icy and melt conditions.

Enjoy snowshoeing and hiking the hidden trails and enchanted forest of Montagne d'Argent, La Conception, Quebec, Canada.

For more information about Montagne d'Argent

Parc d'Escalade de la Montagne d'Argent (their website is only in French)
Location: Route de la Montagne d'Argent, La Conception, Quebec. It's about 10 minutes north of Mont Tremblant and Ste. Jovite, Quebec off Hwy 117

Happy trails!
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