Sunday, May 5, 2013

First spring paddle with the Boreal Baffin 2013

It doesn't really matter where you go with your boat for that first spring paddle after a long, cold winter in Canada.

It matters how you feel.

It sure feels good to me.

I think winter makes me appreciate my kayaks more. I have more than one kayak, and I'd like a bigger fleet. There are so many kayaks to love. It's a kayaker's disease.

I always wonder why my first spring paddle is always with the Boreal Baffin. The original Baffin. The one I bought the first year it came out a few years back. The yellow demo boat that the Boreal guys, then a Quebec company, when awesome kayaks were still made in Canada, not just designed, took out and seal launched my boat off ice flows in the awesome and magical Saguenay River in Quebec to test it, and play with it.

It's still my boat. It has more experience and wisdom than me. I can feel it. I like it. It may always be my first spring paddle mate. It's part of history now. It was not made in China.

I'll cherish this relic for a long, long time!

When you're in a kayak you love, you're headed in the right direction. I hope!
Happy spring paddles.
The BaffinPaddler


  1. Hey Peggy! Glad to see you back on the water where you belong! :-)