Wednesday, December 11, 2013

A metaphor for urban sprawl

Like the city, the forest suffers from it too.

Things start out simple. There is lots of space and light.
Then development starts to crowd the space.
Things grow, get bigger, taller, and more powerful, taking up most of the space and resources.

The infrastructure ages. There is moaning and groaning. The structure and the environment can no longer support the weight and demands of the sprawl.

Things collapse. It's a tangled mess.

But the forest, unlike the city, regenerates itself . . . if the city lets it.

yoga tree pose
Befriend a forest. There are so many that need a lot more human friends.

In Gatineau, Quebec, Canada
The Boucher Forest Foundation
The Boucher Forest Foundation is a charitable organization dedicated to protecting and preserving the 700 acres of Boucher Forest in the heart of Aylmer, Quebec, Canada.

Otherwise, urban development and profit-generating organizations will take it over and remove it for good.
Le site web est aussi disponible en francais: Fondation Fรดret Boucher

Happy trails.
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  1. The Boucher forest looks like it was a farm not long ago ( in forest time - maybe 40 years?). It's fascinating to see land recuperate; and terrific to see shared space saved. That is the action which allows cities to continue.

  2. Hi, the Boucher Forest has many different looks from dense forest, to open meadows, and open trails. I don't know the history of its 700+ acres. There are about 7 streams running through it. It's the largest surviving urban forest in Quebec and only about 50% of it is safe from the developers knife. It is also a connector for wildlife and migratory birds from nearby Gatineau Park. Another awesome park that is not properly protected. Cities have to get on board with conservation. Residents are tired of all the over-development in Gatineau, Quebec (especially the Aylmer sector) and don't want it. Neither does the environment or wildlife. Cheers from cold and white Canada!