Sunday, May 27, 2012

Say hello to my little friends . . . the joys of kayaking the Tay River in Perth, Ontario, Canada

Some of the biggest joys of kayaking are . . . little friends.

Some friends are very lazy. They just hitch a free ride. We all have friends like that sometimes . . . right?
Big friends seem small when they are so far away.
Friends come in all shapes and sizes. And all makes and models. Sometimes, there are lots of them!
Public boat launch on the Tay River with free parking at Last Duel Park, Perth, Ontario
Some little friends have very important jobs to do. We don't want to get too close to them. We use the zoom on our cameras.
Mother bird guarding her nest on the Tay.
Boat channel markers on the Tay.
Paddle buddies and wildflowers in the Tay marshes.
Locks, lockmasters, parking spaces, picnic tables and clean restrooms. If only they would build kayak friendly ramps for us at lock stations. Boat docks and cement walls are not your friends. They are harder to launch from. Be careful.
Say hello to my little friends. They are your friends too!

Beautiful water fountains, downtown Perth, Ontario, Canada
Kayaking the Tay River canal and marsh, Perth, Ontario, Canada with a few friends . . . awesome! Thanks to all!
These images were taken on the beautiful Tay Canal and Tay Marsh near Perth, Ontario. Enjoy!

For information on how to plan your own paddle on the Tay Canal and Marsh see:

A perfect paddle on the Tay Canal from Perth, Ontario!

Happy paddle trails!
The BaffinPaddler

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  1. Hey Baffin! For whatever reason, dragonflies seem to be attracted to bright colors - especially kayaks? When I paddle my yellow Aqua-fusion 13, especially near the shoreline, I usually "pick up" a dragonfly passenger too! ;-)