Saturday, May 19, 2012

Top Ten Traits of a Dedicated Paddler

Bed's not made and never is.

Laundry's never done unless someone else does it.

House is a mess.

Grass is not mowed.

You call in sick again at work.

There is gas in the car.

Kayak is loaded and properly secured on car. (Don't forget the front and rear tie downs.)
An awesome lunch is packed.

Face is unshaven (if you are a guy). If you are a girl, you got up 30 minutes earlier to put on waterproof mascara.

And the number one trait of a Dedicated Paddler is . . . 
A BIG SMILE ON YOUR FACE . . . because you have more than one awesome sea kayak!

Did I miss any other important traits . . . ?
 Happy paddle trails!
(c) The BaffinPaddler 

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