Saturday, June 9, 2012

Persistent Perch's babies

I promise I won't do this to you very often . . . post an image of newborn fish. You might find it dull.

But how often do you meet the mother fish while kayaking and testing your gear in a lake, and a few weeks later in the same spot, meet the babies she was protecting when they were still eggs.

This is pretty cool. It warms the heart.

I just met Persistent Perch's babies. I'm pretty sure. Another wonder of spending time and taking your time with your kayak.

A first for me. Wonders never cease. Simple and grand. That's nature. We should protect it better.

Some discussion ensues on the fish type: Perch, Large Mouth Bass, or Walleye.

Who is Persistent Perch? Here's the story here:

Persistent Perch: Fishing with some pretty strange bait!

Happy paddles!
The BaffinPaddler


  1. What a sweet ending; see it wasn't a mean perch but a protective parent - with cute offspring!

  2. Seeing hundreds of little baby fish in the same spot the mother fish was protecting just a few weeks earlier pretty much confirmed the fish's behaviour. How cool. I didn't know lake fish did that.