Thursday, August 13, 2015

Accidental paddle art

There are lots of benefits to cleaning out the kayak gear bags before a little trip to cold water. You find stuff!

Some of it is necessary stuff. Some of it is stuff you forgot you had. You find out some of what you want and need is hidden somewhere else and you spend hours tracking it down. But finally, the mess is assembled and all the sand and grit is dumped back outside where it belongs.

Geez. Look at all this stuff! It's frightening? It's beautiful? It's all good stuff! Now to pare it down and bring as little as possible. And this is all the day tripping gear. The kayak camping gear (sleeping bags, lightweight 2-man tent, pots n' pans, etc.,) are another story and packed away in bins. My paddle partner laughed, "You have a lot of shit down there!" I guess he forgot half of it is his!
But what's this? A long lost clementine hiding in one of the gear bags. Perfectly desiccated and preserved and hard as a rock. It has a faint scent of orange flavoured chocolate.
Now, what to do with it? It has become paddle art. Another one of those unexpected things you find along the way. I wonder which trip you belong to?

Happy paddle trails. We're dusting off the sea kayaks and taking them further North to colder and bigger water than our little local lakes.

The BaffinPaddler

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  1. I am reminded of a Girl Scout project, where we would shove whole cloves into an orange to make a Christmas gift. Best of luck on your adventure to the north!