Monday, September 17, 2012

Kayaking with kite surfers

When the wind is up the kite boarders come out to play.

How do we navigate this?

We look out for each other. I think we can make a run for it now.
The camera isn't crooked. The horizon really looks like this at a slant.

Happy fall paddles!
The BaffinPaddler

Location: Lac Deschenes, Ottawa River, Aylmer, Quebec, Canada


  1. Now that looks tricky! Those folks are fast too, I bet. I'm not sure who really has the right of way either...are they considered sailboats? Great shots, as always :)

  2. A general rule for me is, if the winds are really strong and they are traveling at break speed, I don't launch from this location.

    But winds were moderate and there were only 4 of them when we took off. They were watching me as much as I was watching out for them.

    They were very good at stopping, turning, and holding and maneuvering around us.

    But, when we returned, there were 14! Still, no problems. They travel in the same general area. It's like coming into a busy harbour.

    But trying to take a pic from a safety zone made it almost impossible to see a straight horizon. The kites and borders are traveling at an angle!

    But you still have to be careful. It's amazing to sit on shore and watch them too! This is one sport I'll never try.

    Cheers from Canada!