Monday, September 10, 2012

The power of Yoga. The power of Peace.

Lookout, Lac Monroe, Mont Tremblant, Quebec, Canada
The power of Yoga.
Yoga pose on Stand Up Paddleboard
The power of peace.
Yoga tree pose, beach, Lac Monroe, Mont Tremblant, Quebec, Canada, Fall
When you generate enough of it internally.

It radiates outward.
Lots of ways and places to find it.
St. Jovite, Quebec, Canada
And lots of ways to get there.
Cycling, flower gardens in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
But this way, is a good way for me. I always seem to find it.

I like taking it with me wherever I go. And all the places that inspire me to do it. Sharing it with others is awesome.

It's great in the outdoors.

Or with views of the outdoors. My fav!

And this is what fills my mind when I do it. You can figure out what IT is.

It's something good. Wherever you take it. Enjoy your path. No one said IT was easy.

Happy trails!
The BaffinPaddler

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