Thursday, September 6, 2012

SUP! Stand Up Paddleboarding. What's it all about?

Maybe you've been wondering too. You're out on the water in your canoe or kayak, and you see someone go by on a Stand Up Paddleboard.

As summer rolls on, you see more and more of these strange, happy, and peaceful creatures heading out on the water and you think, "Gee. That looks so weird! How can that be? I've got to try it too!"

So, I did.

Paddleboarding can be very social. "Hey, look! A full moon rising!"
It's great for groups. You can take over the lake.
It's easy to find a serene moment for yourself.
And luckily Paddle Boards come in different sizes. The one I'm sitting on is pretty wide. I could bring the dog and a cooler along on this one!
I'm not quite sure what I think about Stand Up Paddleboarding.

I kinda like it. Even when I'm standing up.
I'll be exploring it more.
And striking a few yoga poses on the board too. It's pretty cool.

But, unlike most, I'll be doing it wearing a PFD (life jacket) even though I'm a good swimmer and have good balance. No matter what you paddle, paddle safe.

Happy paddles!
The BaffinPaddler


  1. I'm fascinated by the variety of SUP boards I'm seeing now. Some long, others short and far more pointed. They look quite entertaining, for a short time anyway. I have a hard time imaging myself using a SUP any significant distance.

  2. Hi, you'd be surprised how far you get very quickly on a SUP. They aren't seaworthy craft for rough weather. But a fun water toy and good for a little fitness. A good workout for toning the legs and glutes! It would be fun to SUP with you some time.

  3. Hi,
    You told me to let you know if I ever made a blog and I have. Not sure what it looks like as I'm kind of out of my element when it comes to computers, etc.
    I think you can find it here:

    1. Hey Conor. I checked out your blog. I think you have a good start. Suggest you add some text to describe your photos and check out other blogs to see what page elements they use and you like. Good luck with your blogging endeavor!

  4. Hi Conor,

    I had a feeling you were creating a new blog. Thanks for sending me the link! Awesome pics! When I click on a pic, they get big and I can enjoy the details full screen.

    I'm so happy to see what it's like in Canada's awesome north. Wow! And looks like you are building a skin on frame too. I've added you to my blog list so I can keep up and others can find your blog too.

    Cheers from further south!

  5. P.S. The picture of the narwhal is interesting. Looks like it got speared or injured?

  6. I've encountered SUP folks, primarily at Beaver Dam Lake, but not in any rivers I have paddled. But, not for me! I'll take my paddling sitting down, thank you very much! ;-)


    1. Ha, ha! Resistance from the paddling crowd.

      I used to think the same way - but you have to try it before you decide. When I first got on a SUP, I thought, how could this be popular.

      In about 30 minutes, I changed my mind. You'll find yourself laughing at least at yourself and paddlemates who fall in. It's just fun:)

      I like it and plan to add a few SUPs to my paddle fleet.

      I can't wait to SUP again. Maybe try it in some waves. It's just another thing to add to my list of stuff I like to do!

      But, kayaks are still king!

      Cheers from Canada.

    2. P.S. I forgot to mention, you can SUP sitting down too! Or on your belly like a surfer. Standing, sitting or laying down. Lots of flexibility. I like all three.