Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Approaching Lower Brewers Lock: Rideau Canal kayak camping trip - Day 1

Here we are, approaching Lower Brewers Lock 45 on day one of a 3-day kayak camping trip on the Rideau Canal, in Ontario Canada in July with heat wave temperatures in the 30's Celsius (80's Fahrenheit).

We launched from Kingston Mills lock in the morning.

Our destination for our first night's sleep is Upper Brewers locks (we'll go through 44 and 43).

But Lower Brewers Lock 45 is the first lock I have to go through on this trip. I've never been in a lock before. And we're going to lock through all the locks on this trip from Kingston Mills to Narrows Lock.

It's a little daunting. I have to get through three locks on the first day.

"How about you go first and I'll see how it's done."
Tomorrow, inside the lock.

What's this all about?
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Rideau Canal Paddling Map 3 - River Styx to Lower and Upper Brewers Locks, Cranberry Lake to Brass Point Bridge

Happy tripping!
The BaffinPaddler

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