Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Cycling the St. Lawrence River's Waterfront Trail in Cornwall, Ontario

Tree pose in Lamoureux Park, along Cornwall, Ontario's Waterfront Trail on the St. Lawrence River
Now's a good time to cycle waterfront trails. It's summer. It's hot. You'll pick up a breeze on your bike. The water is warm enough to swim in and the beaches are inviting.

The best part of cycling is where the bike takes you and where you take it. It's a partnership. 

Notice the spots that make you want to stop, get off the bike, climb a tree, strike a yoga pose in a gazebo, go for a swim, have a picnic, take a nap, play Frisbee, enjoy some wide open spaces away from all that urban sprawl, camp, or take a pic! When you get back on the bike, you can travel from city-to-city, participate in a cycling event, or go as many miles as you wish. It's pretty sweet when you can do it all and more on one great Waterfront Trail!
Awesome gazebo along Cornwall's Waterfront Trail in Lamoureux Park
I like to mix up kayaking with cycling along waterways in spring, summer, and fall. This seems to be a great way to keep every part of you in shape and enjoy the water in more ways than one. Canada has lots of great waterways and places to cycle!

Cycling Cornwall's historic canal on the Waterfront Trail along the St. Lawrence Seaway
To find out more about the Great Waterfront Trail in Ontario, you can read my next story on The Great Waterway. A cool Ontario Tourism website where I'm a regular blogger.

A sweet cycle on the Waterfront Trail from Gray's Creek to Guindon Park in Cornwall, Ontario.
(The images were shot in May)

Happy trails!
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  1. Sharing your blog with a guest - and admiring anew your blog!

  2. Awesome. Thanks! Do you like to hit the water with a bike too?