Friday, July 20, 2012

Dawn at Upper Brewers Lock on the Rideau Canal

I think this is when I like the camping neighborhood best . . . at dawn!

Everyone is tucked into their beds. The eerie morning mist is rising. It's the best time to sleep or the best time to get up. Take your pick. It's a hard choice sometimes.

The party ended at midnight . . . I think.
But, the motor boats gurgled all night. Could someone please just burp them and get it over with . . . ?!

You always remember to bring your ear plugs on camping trips, right? No? Me too. Why do I keep forgetting to bring the most important gear item of all.

Even the scout camp is quiet at this early morning hour.
The kayaks are still there. What a beautiful sight to wake up to.
Mango coloured Wilderness Systems Tsunami 165 sea kayak
Dew alert! Everything is wet.
Upper Brewers lock is our first night's camp on a 3-day kayak camping trip from Kingston Mills to Narrows lock.

Upper Brewers lock station is a pretty nice, kayak friendly camping spot on the Rideau Canal route in Ontario, Canada. There are picnic tables, restrooms, drinkable water, garbage cans and recycling bins. Entertainment is free - the fireflies dance at dinner time and into the night.

When dawn breaks, and the sun dries the morning dew, it's off to beautiful Jones Falls for lunch, and getting through its series of four big 15-foot tall locks (the second biggest in the Rideau Canal system - Smith's Falls is King) and then pushing on to Davis locks for the second night's camp.

Day two will be a long haul in heat wave conditions! About 24 kilometres. (See Rideau Canal Paddling Maps 3, 4, and 5 to see the Day 2 route we'll follow.)

What's this all about:

See: Kayak camping the Rideau Canal and testing the Wilderness Systems Tsunami 165 sea kayak

 Happy tripping!
The BaffinPaddler


  1. No earplugs, but do you have a hanger? I believe Murphy postulates that you will have no problems for which you are prepared.

  2. Ha, ha! The wire hangers are in the back hatch of my other two kayaks! I forgot that on this trip. Murphy's Law is so true. But I change my habits on each trip!

    Ear plugs are now high on the list and easy to pack!

    Regardless of the small stuff we forget, luckily, we still manage to have fun.

    Cheers from Canada!